Whistleblower Policy

Employees may submit concerns confidentially and anonymously, if they wish, through Lighthouse, an independent, third-party, compliance hotline.

Telephone: 877-938-0006
Web: www.lighthouse-services.com/installed
Email: lighthouse@installed.net

Statement of Policy

Installed Building Products, Inc. (the “Company”) is committed to maintaining high standards of ethical, moral and legal conduct in its business operations.  All officers, directors and employees must comply with the laws and regulations to which we and they are subject, as well as our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (our “Code”).  Misconduct by anyone at or connected with the Company, at the very least, reflects poorly on our reputation, which we have all worked very hard to build over the years, and potentially exposes the Company to legal sanctions. We therefore strongly encourage you to report misconduct that you become aware of in the course of your employment or otherwise. The Company encourages open communication so that such concerns may be raised without fear of retaliation in any manner.

Although it is impossible to list all of the conduct that we are concerned about, we would expect you to report:

Employees are required to come forward with any such information, without regard to the identity or position of the suspected offender.  Because failure to report illegal, criminal or fraudulent activity can itself be understood to condone the activity, we emphasize the importance of reporting.  Failure to report knowledge of wrongdoing may result in disciplinary action against those who fail to report.

Employees who knowingly attempt to alter, conceal, cover up, falsify or destroy any documents or tangible items to prevent their use in an official proceeding or influence any investigation may be subject to criminal penalties and fines.

Any other third party, such as vendors, customers, stockholders or competitors, may also report a good faith complaint regarding financial malpractice, impropriety or fraud, including questionable accounting policies or practices, internal accounting controls or auditing matters or other non-compliance with or violation of law, rule or regulation.  In order to facilitate the reporting of communications regarding alleged Misconduct, we have established the following procedures for (i) the submission of reports of alleged Misconduct and (ii) the receipt, retention and treatment of these reports.  The Company’s Audit Committee is responsible for administering this policy.

Policy of Non-Retaliation

Unlawful discrimination or retaliation against any current or former employee of the Company for good faith reports of Misconduct will not be tolerated.  It is our policy to comply with all applicable laws that protect our employees against unlawful discrimination or retaliation as a result of their lawfully reporting information regarding, or their participation in investigations involving, alleged Misconduct by the Company or its agents.  Specifically, our policy is designed to prevent employees from being subject to disciplinary or retaliatory action by the Company or any of its agents or employees as a result of such person’s:

If any employee believes he or she has been subjected to any discrimination or retaliation or other action by us or our agents for reporting suspected Misconduct in accordance with this policy, he or she may file a complaint with by following the procedures set forth below under the heading “Method of Reporting.”  If it is determined that an employee has experienced any improper employment action in violation of this policy, we endeavor to promptly take appropriate corrective action.

Method of Reporting

You are encouraged to talk to your supervisors, managers and other appropriate personnel should you become aware of any of the foregoing. In addition, we have established more formal procedures for reporting suspected improper conduct. For any of the matters described in this policy you may, instead of reporting a concern to a supervisor, manager or other staff manager (or if you reported a concern, and feel it was not properly acted upon), do any of the following:

Employees may submit concerns regarding Misconduct, including alleged Misconduct relating to questionable accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters, (confidentially and anonymously, if they wish) by mail to any of the following:

General Counsel
c/o Installed Building Products, Inc.
495 South High Street, Suite 50
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Chief Executive Officer
c/o Installed Building Products, Inc.
495 South High Street, Suite 50
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Chair of the Audit Committee
c/o Installed Building Products, Inc.
495 South High Street, Suite 50
Columbus, Ohio 43215

The Company has also retained the services of a third party, independent compliance hotline. Employees may submit concerns regarding alleged Misconduct, including alleged Misconduct relating to questionable accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters, (confidentially and anonymously, if they wish) in one of the following ways:

You may sign the correspondence with your name or disclose your name on the phone call or you may communicate anonymously. Anonymous letters, emails and phone calls will be investigated and acted upon in the same manner as if your identity were known. All communications should contain as much specific detail as possible to allow appropriate personnel to conduct an investigation of the reported matter. All persons who report a concern to the hotline will be provided with a case number and unique password. In the event you report something anonymously and the Company is unable to progress the investigation without additional detail, the Company will note that within the system of the third party, independent hotline provider and you may choose to follow-up as you deem appropriate.

The methods of submitting complaints or concerns shall be published on the Company’s external and internal websites. It shall be emphasized to employees that each of the methods of submitting complaints listed above may be used anonymously and that such complaints shall be treated confidentially.

All complaints, regardless of how received, will be provided to the Chair of the Audit Committee who shall treat all complaints as set forth below.

Policy for Receiving and Investigating Reports

Retention of Reports

The Chair of the Audit Committee, or his or her designee, shall retain written complaints, the accounting and auditing matters log and all related documentation regarding accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters as required under applicable law

Further Questions

If you have any further questions in relation to this policy, please contact the General Counsel.

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